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It wouldn’t be my life if it worked the way I wanted.
Jessica Soler

That awkward moment when your younger sister is more successful romantically than you’ve been…ever.

Well, it wouldn’t be my life if it worked the way I wanted lol

I wish I could pull something like this off.

I wish I could pull something like this off.

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Because it happens to all of us. So if you ever feel alone, re-read this.

this is beautiful

God, i needed this.

Wow. Just .. Amen to this, *reblog reblog reblog*.

ALL the reblogs!

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Human existence is so fragile and exposed to such dangers that I cannot love without trembling.
Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace (1947)


Castle Hohenzollern, Germany (by KF-Photo


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Love this guy.

Love this guy.

The clock ticks
Hands swaying with the rhythm of life
A life that waits for no one
No one

The clock ticks
Creating sounds that reverberate in the air, bouncing off everything it touches
No one can stop it
No one

The clock ticks
Numbers staring, remaining constant
The hands run over them in a circular path
No one can change it
No one

The clock ticks
I think about what we had
What I thought could be
But in the back of my heart there was a clock ticking
The clock saw it coming
Nothing could stop it

Time is
Time brings change
Change is
Change brings hurt, fear, happiness, sorrow, peace, chaos
No one can stop it
No one

I watch the hands
I ride the waves of reverberation
I swirl in circles
One day I’ll stop swirling
And another will take my place


-Jessica Soler


Her name is all that I see when I write these letters,

Her soul takes control of my hands and her sensations

enter my mind, and they write out these lyrics, words

that I call forever, born from another’s heart, they

escape to fill out these promised poems, She is the

reason, the…

Man this guy is fucking genius. His words seduce my ears.